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It’s great

Twin bottle pack
Mariah Park
still a mess

They can’t squeeze them, but they still make a mess. All over his clothes, chair and floor. More suitable for an older child.

Food bottles
Kelsey Bates
Great for my 7 month old!

Love this!!!!!! Another great tool for task variety and the ability to self feed!

It’s perfect

Food bottles
Taylor Mymko
LOVVVEEEEEEE this bottle!

This bottle has completely changed how my son eats yogurt and I love it sooo much! 500% less mess, 200% more yogurt in my son’s tummy, so easy to use and clean — game changer! I will be recommending this bottle every chance I get.

Food bottles
Tiffany S.
My Son Loves it !

It only took a quick min or two for my 9 month old to get the hang of it but once he did he loved it. He gets so excited when I show the bottle to him.
Thank you for a great product.

Twin bottle pack
Melina Latremouille

I love that I can make a bunch of different meals for my baby. He loves it and it’s mess free!!

Food bottles
Sydnie Nicoll
I have been waiting for these to become available in Canada!

I saw these bottles in Australia and I am so happy they are here now. I just received mine and it has been great for packing smoothies for my little one. It isn't only good for smoothies though - you can put soups, yogurt, purees inside - the options are endless and I love that it functions like a straw rather than a sippy cup. The technology is on point - it works SO well. Also love it is dishwasher-safe. I want to get another one as a backup.

Food bottles
Tasha Jarisz
Great quality and so convenient

Very well made and easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It’s great for smoothies and baby cereal-especially if they can’t spoon feed themselves yet! Overall I’m so happy with it and would absolutely recommend!

Food bottles
Riki Chase
Great Bottle but Stains Easily

Took my 9 month old no time at all to learn how to eat out of the Subo bottle!! The only complaint I have is we used it with tomatoe sauce and it stained after one use. Despite scrubbing and washing with dish soap I can not get the staining off.

Not great

All the weight is in the top so they just tip over. Wouldn’t recommend

Food bottles
Nikki LP
Love this product!

This product is excellent!

1) a quick and easy no/much less mess solution for on the go, or at home when bowl and spoon isn't an option

2) easy to clean as all pieces can be taken apart and put in dishwasher

3) allows you the freedom to put whatever thick liquid you want in it; we often do fruit purees, oatmeal, yogurt and smoothies.

4) is a more earth-conscious choice since you can purchase a big thing of applesauce instead of tiny plastic pouches (which saves you money)

5) is well made, which combined with the above reasons, makes it worth the somewhat costly price tag.

I've bought a few for myself and a few for my mom friends. Everyone loves it! Tether that baby to your stroller and go!

Very disappointed

I don’t typically leave reviews but for this item I just had too.
I placed my order during the Boxing Day sale and the same day if not the next day I emailed customer service to cancel. I soon received an email that my item was getting prepared to ship and I emailed them again trying to stop them. After receiving my order I was disappointed I couldn’t stop this order from coming to me. 2 days ago I received an email from customer service saying they overlooked my email and if I was happy with the product. I’m very disappointed that I now have to keep an item I didn’t end up wanting, that I had to pay $10-15 for shipping and overall this item cost me $65 that I now have to make use of because sometime has passed unsure if I can even return this. Just know this company does not respond to emails in a timely manner still waiting on my response a couple of days ago. I rate them 0 stars but I think the default is 1 star so I will go with that.

Love the bottles still comes with a bit of mess but honestly way better than anything else out there!

Food bottles
Paige L.
pleasantly surprised

I bought these on a whim because I saw an add and they were on sale. I am so happy I did they have come in super handy with my 18 month old twins! feeding them while traveling was a breeze and mess free thanks to the Subo! They both now take their bedtime snack in these instead of milk! very pleased with my purchase!!

Food bottles
Where Has This Been for My Kids

OMG this is a game changer. My grandaughter is a little behind for her age and she still can’t use a cup. She loves yogurt and sauces and I love that she can use it herself and not make a mess. I told her mom I want to see this bottle with her whenever she visits me. Where was this product when I had children?

We love it!

Food bottles
Jen Ruddy
Great little unit

Works great!! Very handy, and tidy. Keeps the food from becoming just a mess.

Food bottles
Violet Hogan
Great addition to our routine!

This bottle has given my girl that little bit of extra independence. I introduced it when I cut out her midday bottle, and she hasn't looked back. No mess, easy to use, easy to clean. Debating or ordering another to have on hand.

Food bottles
*Shazness Wellness
This is AWESOME for travel parents

This has been a game changer for my family. I often have to drive my eldest to school and sport events and I can easily give this to my toddler with food on the go with no mess. It is amazing!

Food bottles
Dana Dubord
I’m obsessed

I only bought one because I wanted to see if we would like it and now I’m so sad I didn’t buy multiple at once because I’m obsessed! They’re awesome! Bonus: they are so easy to clean!

Would recommend

I have a home based daycare and got this for some of my very messy baby’s I have used them for yogurt, applesauce, puréed foods, like chilli and even soup lukewarm of course i’ll have worked great with little to no mess whatsoever. Couldn’t be happier just the product I was looking for..

Food bottles
Maria K
Clean and Easy

I have had this bottle for over a week, and We absolutely love it! It is great to use with home made purees, and I love using it when I'm out with my little. Its super easy to take apart and clean, and fill up! I would definitely recommend!

Food bottles
Rachel Averns
Meal time to go!

I absolutely love our bottle! My 6.5 month old figured it out very quickly (5mm spout) and my 1.5 year old nephew loved his bottle (12mm spout). No mess and super easy to clean!

Twin bottle pack
Alexandria Rowe
My baby sticks her finger through the mouth peice.

Babies can still make a mess just not as big of one. My girl gets her fingers into the mouth peice and flings it. Spent nearly 85 dollars for two. Gifting one to a friend. I'd buy more if they weren't so expensive.